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        We stock thousands of refinished OE aluminum and chrome wheels, recycled steel and OE Style (replica) wheels, and replacement wheel covers. Our facilities can also recondition your original equipment aluminum wheels.

        We buy lightly damaged original equipment wheels from individuals and companies and use an exclusive process to restore them to like-new quality. We also accept repairable wheels in exchange for an already refinished one from our inventory.

        Come with LKQ’s industry leading warranty

        Available in domestic and import applications

        Color matching using OE paint codes

        If you are looking to rejuvenate your vehicle’s look, bring in your worn, dirty, or damaged wheel covers and let us restore them to like-new quality and shine. Our refinishing services carry a 30-day limited warranty for fitment and finish.

        We are always happy to exchange a refinished wheel from our extensive inventory for your repairable core. In this way, you can receive like-new wheels ready to be installed on your vehicle as early as next day. Only aluminum cores are acceptable for exchange.

        We use original equipment paint codes to color match reconditioned wheels with their OE color and finish. We verify the match using special lighting so you can be sure your reconditioned wheels will look as good as new.


        Wheel Types

        We offer four types of reconditioned and re-chromed of aluminum wheels. All wheels all undergo safety testing and careful processing.

        Aluminum Wheels

        Our professionally trained technicians use our exclusive process to repair damage caused by rock chips, road salt, minor impacts, and ultra violet rays, restoring your aluminum wheels to like-new quality. You can also exchange your wheels for ones from our extensive inventory and walk out with them that same day.


        Chrome Wheels

        Repair and re-chroming of chrome wheels is possible, but not suggested, as the re-chroming process can bring out pitting in the wheel. However, we can chrome your originally painted aluminum wheels within 3 to 4 weeks, or you can exchange your wheels for ones found in our large inventory.


        Steel Wheels

        We stock many new and used Original Equipment steel wheels that are available for purchase. We accept only those wheels that pass our inspection so that you can be sure you are getting safe, quality wheels.

        Wheels are thoroughly inspected by our technicians to ensure that they meet safety regulations.

        Accepted wheels undergo any minor repairs necessary to remove scratches or dings.

        The wheels are then sandblasted to remove old paint, dirt, and grime.

        Finally, they are powder-coated and inventoried.

        We also offer an extensive inventory of replacement wheel covers for domestic and import applications.


        OE Style Wheels (replicas)

        Our OE Style (replica) wheels are designed and manufactured to offer fit and performance similar to your original equipment wheels at a fraction of the cost.


        Tested extensively to ensure they meet the industry’s SAE J2530 radial, rotary, impact, and wheel marking standards

        The designs and specifications are repeatedly verified for accuracy before beginning any production

        Samples from each part number received in a container are audited to ensure they are similar to OE wheels in dimensions, color, and appearance.