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        LKQ can safely dispose salvage vehicles regardless of distance and location. End-of-Life vehicle processing is also available to companies, private and government fleets, and individuals.

        Work with just one person, no matter how many vehicles you have or where they are located.

        Prompt transportation of the vehicle anywhere in the continental U.S.

        Transportation includes handling of scheduling and towing fees.

        Direct disposal, which means fewer fees, fast pick up, payment and complete adherence to all your requirements.

        Secure, documented disposal for permanent destruction. Includes photos, destroyed VINs, proper titling, and other documentation as requested.

        Contact us for more information.

        For processing heavy truck fleets, email our Heavy Truck Division.

        We offer a fair price for your vehicle and towing in many areas.

        Sell a car »

        Sell a heavy truck »


        Whether you are an insurer looking for a more effective salvage outlet or a shop trying to sell a total loss, we have you covered.

        Direct Contract

        Direct Contract was designed to reduce the inefficiencies of the traditional salvage disposal process. LKQ provides creative direct contract options with elements flexible enough to meet any needs.


        Old Car Program (Salvage Direct)

        This insurance direct program helps solve the challenge of disposing of your older salvage. We will pick up, store, and process these cars while offering you a quick and generous return…, guaranteed.