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        LKQ offers an extensive nationwide inventory of recycled OE, reconditioned, remanufactured, refurbished, and aftermarket automotive and truck parts.

        LKQ stocks more clean high-quality recycled OE auto parts than any other recycling group. All parts are carefully dismantled in one of our state-of-the-art dismantling plants, inspected for damage, and inventoried with consistent and accurate descriptions to ensure their quality. Commonly used recycled parts include:

        •             Door Assemblies

        •             Mirrors

        •             Head and Tail Lamps

        •             Bumper Assemblies

        •             Fenders

        •             Hoods

        •             Wheels

        •             And More

        Reconditioning provides a wide range of benefits. It is a cost-effective method of returning used or damaged parts to like-new condition, while reducing waste and passing the savings on to you.

        Bumper Covers

        Our professionally trained technicians bring original equipment bumper covers back to like-new condition. Each bumper cover is thoroughly inspected, repaired as necessary, primed and quality certified for the life of the vehicle – guaranteed.

        Lighting Assemblies

        Each lamp meets or exceeds applicable DOT/SAE standards and complies with the U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, FMVSS-108


        Reconditioned with our exclusive process to like-new quality by professionally trained technicians

        Our stringent guidelines ensure quality parts at economical prices. All facilities producing our parts are ISO certified.