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        Platinum Plus

        Platinum Plus is our own brand of collision repair products. It offers the highest standards and the best warranty in the industry – guaranteed for fit and finish as long as the original owner owns the vehicle.

        Platinum Plus suppliers meet all the specifications of the Keystone Platinum Plus Quality Assurance Program, which is a set of requirements based on current ISO standards and are similar to what the OEM’s require of their suppliers. Platinum Plus parts undergo third party validation as well as internal testing to ensure that all of our stringent guidelines are met.

        Reconditioning provides a wide range of benefits. It is a cost-effective method of returning used or damaged parts to like-new condition, while reducing waste and passing the savings on to you.


        Bumper Covers

        Our professionally trained technicians bring original equipment bumper covers back to like-new condition. Each bumper cover is thoroughly inspected, repaired as necessary, primed and quality certified for the life of the vehicle – guaranteed.


        Reconditioned Wheels

        All of LKQ’s reconditioned wheels are original equipment parts that have been returned to like-new quality by our professionally trained technicians. Our exclusive process repairs damage caused by rock chips, road salt, minor impacts, and ultra violet rays.

        • Intensive testing to ensure like-new quality
        • Cost savings over new replacement wheels
        • Industry-leading warranty
        • Our facilities can recondition your wheel or exchange it for one from our extensive inventory.
        • Available in domestic and import applications

        LKQ offers wheel cover refinishing on worn, dirty, or damaged wheel covers. Our refinishing services carry a 30-day limited warranty for fitment and finish.