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        LKQ Corporation is a global distributor of vehicle products, including replacement parts, components and systems used in the repair and maintenance of vehicles, as well as specialty vehicle products and accessories.

        We are the largest provider of alternative vehicle collision replacement products and a leading provider of alternative vehicle mechanical replacement products, with our sales, processing, and distribution facilities reaching most major markets in North America. We are also a leading provider of alternative vehicle replacement and maintenance products in the United Kingdom and the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, & Luxembourg) of continental Europe. 

        In addition to our wholesale operations, we operate self service retail facilities across the U.S. that sell recycled automotive products from end-of-life vehicles. Our acquisition of Keystone Automotive Holdings, Inc. (“Keystone Specialty”), has made LKQ Corporation a leading distributor of specialty vehicle products and accessories and with our recent acquisition of Pittsburgh Glass Works LLC (“PGW”), LKQ has also become a leader in the design, production and supply of automotive glass to OEMs.

        The breadth and depth of our inventory across all of our operating segments reinforces LKQ's ability to provide a "one-stop" solution for our customers' alternative vehicle replacement, maintenance, and specialty vehicle product needs.