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        LKQ is committed to providing the highest quality standards in the recycled and aftermarket parts industry. We stand behind the integrity of our products with the LKQ Parts Replacement Promise.

        LKQ has access to the broadest range of late-model vehicles. Our procurement standards are the strictest in the industry, and any vehicle that does not meet our criteria is rejected.

        We proactively use VIN matching to ensure the integrity of our recycled inventory, and we provide consistent and accurate product descriptions. As a result, our products are guaranteed to fit and perform as you need and expect.

        Building a part the right way is important to all of our manufacturing partners. Years of experience, integrity and ingenuity are what sets them apart from the rest.  LKQ performs both internal testing and hires independent testing agencies to evaluate the quality of our parts.

        All parts are carefully inspected throughout the dismantling and order-fulfillment process. The first quality inspection happens before a part can even be added to our inventories. After your order is placed, all recycled auto body parts – including sheet metal, doors, front ends, deck lids, hoods, for example, are cleaned and inspected one final time before being placed on the delivery truck.

        Our employees stay up-to-date in the latest quality and safety regulations by receiving regular training in those areas. Employees in direct contact with customers provide valuable feedback for quality improvements. Please ask us about any quality concerns that you may have.